Bodenreform statt Wirtschaftsfaschismus:

“Soil neednt be “property” to feed Human Beings … ”
Land Reform in Europe, more urgent than ever:

how it came …
1. atmosphere and known plants/vegetables we use to eat
2. producing and securing food, and quality control
3. Austria 1945-1985: how it worked = how it COULD work
4. money and ideology: how we cheat next generations
5. does (private/industrial/”public”) property make sense?

It took billions of years to come from a liquid fire ball to “our” planet Earth.

It took much of that time to come to molecular structures attracting similar (or alternating) atomic/molecular conglomerates “along” the own structure, thereby forming another (identical) molecular structure at (or near) the original one.

When the new (identical) molecular structure separates, finally, the “new” copy of the molecular structure is “born”;
(viruses multiply still today in this simple way, if temperature and biochemical environment are “good”; that was and is functioning
* long before seeds “created” new plants and trees,
* long before chicken and eggs created each other, and
* long before mammals gave birth to their babies.

(that is called reproduction, and this most simple form of reproduction still works today — e.g. for viruses — on broken/rotten molecular chains of dead plant/animal/human organisms if they are reproducible such as DNA/RNA; Hungarian/Austrian physician Ignaz Semmelweis was sent to a psychiatric clinic by his collegues when he postulated that childbed fever could be reduced by washing hands after autopsy and anatomic experiments; the obvious source of childbed fever was transporting virus structures from dead bodies in anatomy labs to women having given birth; only years after his death in an asylum, his work was confirmed by Louis Pasteur et al.;
Nowadays, bio waste containers are a “good” source for virus reproduction and infection)
(“higher” living forms have multiple instances of their reproduction “schematics”
— in each of their cells, as DNA/RNA helix —
and the rest of the bodies grow by “cell division”, duplicating DNA/RNA and thereby using it as its own catalyst and chemical process control for division of the entire cell)

It still took billions of years to come to “our” gaseous atmosphere with 21% oxygen
— without which Human Beings cannot survive —
but still
already slight deteriations of air quality
— from gaseous impurities up to particles contents —
produce health problems from simple caughing to lung cancer:

(this is not riding on the comtemporary non smoker prohibition/fascism wave but just a link address; evaluate things yourself; a simple test can be made at every barbecue meeting at the charcoal fire)

In this atmosphere, recycling of CO2 — by photosynthesis of green plants, into carbon C for their own body plus Oxygen O2 emitted into the air — led to “our” atmosphere where Human Beings and other “animals” (bioreactors with a “body” and instruments for moving, like legs or bird wings or fish fins or jellyfish tentacles etc.) find living conditions for their own reproduction.

The 2nd important factor for “our” life is water, secured by water circulation in the evaporation/clouds/rain/rivers/groundwater cycle. Human Beings can survive several days to weeks without food, but only days without water and only minutes without air containing oxygene. (exceptions like reanimation after hours only happen at low temperatures and when respiration was stopped by a vegetative shock, i.e. no water came into the lungs)

Both these resources, air and water, are heavily abused from (and damaged by) “Economy” and “Industry”, i.e. by people and structures being in “power” presently and pretty directly paying their representatives in Politics.
(these representatives are NOT “our” representatives; “we” re-elect them every couple of years after costly “electional” campaigns of lies
— electional promises are broken up to 100% in all the world; better would be to elect 1x/year 1/4 of the Representatives in Parliaments, to keep closer feedback to those rulemakers,
to prevent from “earlier” elections in case of government “failure”,
to elect 1x/year 1/4 of the ministers/secretariesOfState PERSONALLY ev. letting them choose their “prime” minister among themselves —
but they do what they get most cash and personal satisfaction from, for example from “helping” and “rescuing” banks and industries and their donation payers)

What means “damaged” exactly?

AIR is polluted heavily by industry for 200 years now, and their is no significant reduction of the irrational “growth” religion in “Economy” in sight.
(this is not condemning production of shoes or cars or food “for all people” BUT this IS condemning HOW this happens and how “growth” became an “economic” credo with churcheous and inquisition-like enforcements)

“reduction of pollution” (including reducing climate-relevant gases like CO2, NOx etc., since “climate change” has become socially acceptable to talk about) usually is “done” by prohibiting or aggravating (private) individual traffic (and thats it, then) …
… (and there is no word about 150 years of industry and war pollution before the last 50 years with significant car traffic; since pollution and climate change show visible consequences only years after their occurrence, there is something to be expected yet) …
… (and: private traffic is at least an element of democratic development with a distributed decision structure while COMMERCIAL truck traffic only serves those few having capital or loans for production, and those –meanwhile — few having money to buy the products) …
… (enforcing rail transport for commercial transporting would mean only few days DELAY but no real obstacle to consumer markets)

WATER used to be polluted by cesspools near living houses and water wells nearby;
elevated nitrate levels were the consequence, even when this problem became rare recently, at least in the “rich” countries.

That very same water pollution problem, on another niveau, is “coming again” now, not even 100 years after starting up the first nuclear reactor, in a similar (but not so obvious) water circulation mechanism:

Nuclear waste is deposited in (SALT) mine tunnels; salt itself is water soluble, i.e. each bit of water flow transports NaCl molecules with it — and destroys the mine tunnel thereby —
transports other soluble substances as well, for example Cesium-137 and Tritium 3H (having 1 proton and 2 neutrons in its atomic core, with only 1 electron around; Tritium is instable and toxic);
in ASSE already now 2010 both Cesium-137 and Tritium are detected in groundwater in the mine tunnel;
water has not the property to stop at a tunnel entrance …
in GORLEBEN the mine tunnel is — even by the nuclear lobby — not called “safe” after 2014:,1518,576705,00.html
in Schacht Konrad and other “very dry” places, again: water has not the property to keep from “dry” places nor from places where nuclear lobbies would like to keep it from …
and: 3400m below ground, GAS was found (and even exploded) already 1969 by DDR mine exploiters:
also, gas can transport soluble atoms/molecules, AND gas is quite probably to destroy tunnel structures on the long run.

i.e. BOTH air and water are heavily in danger for more than 100 years now, and in intolerable quantification for 50 years now.

and this only concerns “nearby” groundwater related problems;
an even worse mechanism is related to “deep” groundwater:
water — generally — circulates because of inhomogeneous soil structure in the Gravity Field of Earth; in any depth;
while water does not “freely” circulate up and down 1000s of meters as it does in a 10m range of cesspools and wells, “hot” sources like volcanic vents and chimneys — and thermal water wells — transport significant amounts of materials from 1000s and 10.000s of meters depth to the surface;
Cesium-137 and Tritium and other nuclear waste from damaged, rotten and corroded containers can and will come to the Earth’s surface quite certainly in less than 100 years
— and not in “maybe millions of years” —
by horizontal deepwater transport PLUS vertical transport mechanisms like thermal water wells, volcanic chimneys, gas vents and similar “energy” sources;
as an example, CO2 gas bubbles on the ground the Rhine near Andernach — often announced as a sensation — “only” stem from a CO2 reservoir having been drilled 1902:
BUT this CO2 (as well as volcanic gases in thermal water wells, in Iceland as well as in the “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone N.Park) does transport soluble substances such as Cesium-37 and Tritium (and many more).

Nuclear waste from Japan in European drinking water? … certainly, over maybe less than 500 years …
Nuclear waste from Europa in US drinking water?
… same thing …
Nuclear waste from USA in East Asian drinking water?
… same thing …
Nuclear waste from South America in African drinking water?
… (a bit later but) same thing …


Nutrition in the form of animals (products) and vegetables became a problem only during the last 10.000 years (of 5 billion years of Earth), when “Mankind” started to “organize” itself (and — too — much around itself) …

Today, not even a notable fraction of Human Beings could have food without “Agriculture” and (industrial, organized) seeding/planting/harvesting.
(to be discussed yet, how many and how severe damages will be “earned” by ethically intolerable practices in “genetic”engineering” where companies as MONSANTO, PIONEER, VENTRIA and DUPONT
— they are the BIGGEST but not the only ones —
“create” NOT-REPRODUCIBLE rice and grain breeds/sorts and blackmail smaller farmers, then, not to use reproducible “own” sorts never again; farmers become directly dependent slaves fo genetic engineering “food”business”)

On the other hand, for the last 1000 years it is prohibited (!) for most people just to go into the forest
— if still existing, after all, and if not “trespassing” private property —
and to hunt for nutrition when they are hungry, or to go somewhere outside to collect vegetables:

Most of Earth “belongs” to someone. The problem of Capitalism.
(or, to be correct, the problem of some of the Human Beings, enforcing things like “Capitalism” by Police and Justice Violence)


2. producing and securing food, and quality control:

No, this is not saying that Capitalism is the only problem in the world, nor that getting rid of Capitalism would already secure Life and Dignity (and nutrition).

Certainly, LESS “Capitalism” means MORE Individual Dignity.
(that is 100% correct and true within 20%-50% of existing Money Fascism/Slavery
— which is what makes “Capitalism” a problem —
while destroying 100% “Capitalism” rather results in endless waiting queues than in more personal dignity)

Also, a MINIMUM of Personal Dignity should be secured, by LIMITING and USING (rather than worshipping or destroying) “Capitalism”.

BUT nutrition for (meanwhile) 7 and soon 10 billion Human Beings — as anything which is “needed” or “wanted” — grows only on trees and fields — with needed productivity — when someone is vitally interested to grow it, to seed and harvest it, to proceed and provide it, and to bring it to where demand waits.

AND nobody does anything for others except there is
— please wait a moment with contradiction! —
an advantage to be expected:
* recognition, for example, to be good parents or just a good person;
* having food for oneself as well, when parts are given to others;
* money, for example, because there is (mostly betrayed) hope to have a better life (and “career”) when “investing” life time into food production (or into “hard work” or into whatsoever) …
For a good approach on evaluating that see

(“DLEG” is reading “GELD” (money) from the reverse side, the page should be translated some time;
roughly, PolitParty NewAristocrats in the Soviet Union
— calling themselves “Communists” but running State Capitalism —
used “personal relations” to party secretaries and other functionariat as a form of MONEY;
both, “real” money and corruption”relation”money”, are based on LIFE TIME of the moneymaker:
these 3 forms of money are exchangeable in their effect)

(and: it is not “Capitalism by itself” which runs — and only runs — because of betraying hope of other people — mostly younger people — but it is Human Beings doing so, from first glass marbles in kindergarten to “big business” in daily corruption of “politics” and all the lobbying around “Economy”)

So it is not a question if “Capitalism” be “good” or not (it is not) nor if “enterpreneurs” be “good” or not (it is not of relevant importance if “they” be or not).

a) it is a simple experience of the last 100 years that (the hope of) PERSONAL profit makes people incredibly rush to produce and sell things — sometimes necessary and sometimes just junk — in often crazy acrobatics but in a way that saves us
— no, only those with money, even in Consumer Markets; therefore the requirement of a basic income (WITHOUT conditions) —
from waiting in endless waiting queues (while having still no bread, at the end)

b) it is the same simple experience of the last 1000 years that this very same mechanism — as RIVALRY, if it concerns PERSONS instead of products — means wartime with millions of dead.

c) BUT it seems to be still no experience that the lack of distinguishing between “competition” (in product markets) and RIVALRY (in “job” markets) produces what “Capitalism” does evil to all of us.

d) AND it seems to be still no experience that the lack of distinguishing WHERE TO APPLY helping mechanisms such as “Capitalism”
— “Capitalism” is NOTHING but a helping mechanism, and it helps ONLY when used within narrow restrictions —
and NOT TO APPLY it except for vital things (like nutrition) necessary for life and survival.


3. Austria 1945-1985: how it worked = how it COULD work

The European Union — cheating up to 500 million people since —
(and this is not critics on Energy Saving Lamps, as it came up recently to distract from heavy political corruption)
came up 1992 and said “come on, we want to build up Europe as you have built up postwar Austria, come on and participate, we need your competence, and we make one or your farmers — Franz Fischler from Tyrol — Commissioner for Agriculture”, and they did and Austria became Member of EU.
(although this is a clear breaking the Austrian Constitution, being guaranteed by the 4 Allied Nations USA, GreatBritain, France and Russia:
Austrian Constitution declares and formulates the duty for Austria, “not to join with Germany, neither directly nor indirectly, neither in political nor in economy ways;
Germany is Member of EU, i.e. EU is the Mean of Joining;
EU membership is (indirect) Anschluss)

details see
(in German only, at the moment)

As for Agriculture, there was a special thing indeed:
Austrian Farmers are working with a better distribution of resources and smaller farm size than Agriculture in USA, Brasil or Russia
their risk is lower because of the RAIFFEISEN structure combining a banking background
— heavily expanding to East Europe, since 2005 —
with an ownership structure with broadly distributed owners (all farmers are Raiffeisen Members and have reliable sales prices which are not always amusing but always in a predictable range and valid for all of them)
farmers are taxed by the AREA they harvest and not by their sales, including premiums for “no-harvesting”.

That means that more productivity goes 100% into the pocket of the farmer while a basic taxation is secured.
Production over the demand (with exporting the surplus) was the logical consequence, contributing to lower world hunger as a positive aspect in addition.

That was the situation between 1945 and 1985.

But: Austria has never increased Development Aid (it still is low at 0,3% GDP/BIP/PIB compared to having itself committed to 0,8% in several UNO treaties and decisions) since.
And it has — as the EU Commission repeatedly enforced —
since the 1990ies destroyed huge amounts of food along the BSE (“cattle madness”) illness crisis and along other food laws since,
often even outspokenly “to secure price stability” …

in clear words: food was destroyed for no reason (BSE meat needed to be cooked the double duration only, to be perfectly harmless to health, as repeatedly Veterinarians publicly explained; and it is not easy to declare publicly critical words against EU, n EU mass media)
(compare to what is done to the, now)
or even
food was destroyed simply to keep it EXPENSIVE enough …

So, this situation has become much more unstable since 1994, and it is depending from EU Agriculture support payments now.
Instead of copying the Austrian strategy into the poorer Countries of the East
— the system would work worldwide; the problem is to get money to consumers, to buy that food —
Austria became (neither legal nor legitime) member of the European Union and the Agriculture Department of the EU Commission its source of proudness …

But still: the Raiffeisen ownership/risk structure had and has success for providing enough food for all.
The system was and is functioning far better than risk distribution in a Commodity Exchange.
(recent problems rather stem from more and more people having no money to participate as comsumers in markets, as said, i.e. having no money to buy that food)

(this is NOT saying that Raiffeisen structure is to be seen as a positive structure: its political core today
— around Christian Konrad and bankers Herbert Stepic (CEO) and Walter Rothensteiner (Board) —
is extremely antidemocratic and democracy-destructive; since “their” Politicians came to power in coalition governments after the 1980ies, most of Austria’s achievements in Human Rights were paralyzed, “up” to Spinal Injury of an English Teacher of the American School in Vienna, Austria,
— “confounded” with a drug dealer —
and deportations and killings of Asylum Seeking Refugees
— called “asylants” recently —
and heavy beatings of Africans and Asians fearing for their lives when deported back)


4. money and ideology and corruption: how we cheat next generations

The most important point of that whole story is that
it is absolutely not important for the success, to buy and own Land, even if the idea is applied in a broader scope in more areas of the world.

All the success (as described above in point 3.) was based on property of Land, but this property of Land neither was nor would be a necessary condition for the success of the Raiffeisen system and the taxation by area, securing enough food for more than the “own” population:

Since the Earth is property of all Human Beings, it would be quite logical to “own” it in the form of a Shared Ownership or “by-the-Country-or-State”
— and every Human Being in the world should cash ownership interests, i.e. poverty (which is a definition as money is a definition) would simply disappear (by definition as well) —
to secure legal reliable Treaties for Farming and corresponding taxation by area:
Lease or Rent or by Area + Taxation by Area =
give a STABLE, RELIABLE cost situation (by area)
without having to BUY the land for much money.

The recent situation in the European Union
— away from the area taxation and food security, going to more support payments and more “industrialization” of Agriculture in the Commodity Exchange style with binding huge amounts of money as necessary “capital” for farming —
remembers a bit the situation of the Jesuit State of Paraguay, several Centuries ago, when the Order of the Jesuits had installed a functioning Agriculture with the Indios there (and was ordered to pull out of “secular food providing” there) …

Young people in the whole world are the victims: when Oil and Coal will be exhausted in a few decades, they will have not even the resources to produce plastics any more, or they will have to destroy even more Forest Areas for that, and Agriculture will not even provide the AMOUNTS of food, probably, not to speak about money to BUY that food.



5. does (private/industrial/”public”) property make sense?

Well, yes and no:

as there is no emperor nor king in a democratic society, the function of a variety of institutions is not given any more, such as “property”
— that concerns even more INDUSTRIAL and “public” property
than PRIVATE (appartment) PROPERTY: while condominiums
(appartments in “property” rather than rented) can be built
“up” in the sky and can be owned by everyone
by enlarging useable “ground” area, “best” located luxury homes
and forest losses by industrialization cannot be made up at all —
and “public employees”
— “Police” and “Justice” dont make sense if there is no “owner” like an emperor or king who they would serve to;
“serving the law” is a nice expression (and often even meant honestly: “there is a law and I do my best to enforce it”)
but it means in clear words that is ENFORCED over other Human Beings by some of them, cashing tax money and actually serving their group interest) —
and many more …

(more soon)

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